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Automate Reading & Writing At Scale With AI

We pursue full autonomous systems that can read and write as good or even better than humans. We differentiate in the market by focusing on quality at a large scale. 


Our Personize V2.0  is fully rebuilt and will be released by December 2023.

Scale to millions of rows | Run a Chain of Up to 50 Models | Use Any Generative AI Providers

Access to Certified Models | Human-readable Dynamic Prompts 

Meet Hamed, a pioneering innovator and the founder of With 15+ years of experience in AI, data science, product, and GTM leadership, Hamed is revolutionizing sales by spearheading an army of 24/7 human-like autonomous agents.

Hamed is an educational powerhouse, holding 2 MSc degrees in Machine Learning, Visual Analytics, and Decision Support Systems from top-tier universities. His real-world impact is undeniable, having influenced over $500M of opportunity pipelines across various industries.

But Hamed's expertise isn't just limited to the business world. He is a passionate educator, offering years' worth of valuable content through webinars, personalized onboarding sessions, and a platform designed to optimize the use of Gen AI in sales and marketing.

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