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From Our Desk to Yours: Presenting for the Community

Hello to the community. As many of us are preparing to gather in Seattle for the Unleash conference, we wanted to take a quiet moment to share something close to our hearts. It's called Personize. Born from countless hours of passion, dedication, and a touch of curiosity, we hope it might offer a fresh perspective on enhancing your outreach efforts.


The essence of Personize isn't about reinventing the wheel; it's about asking: What if Generative AI could seamlessly blend with human intuition in the realm of sales? With this idea, we ventured to create a platform where AI doesn't overshadow, but instead supports and amplifies, the human touch in outreach. Here is a short video I recorded on the core concept and how Personize operates.

Why We Believe Users Will Find Value in Personize

Genuine Personalization at its Core

We've all felt the limitations of generic templates. With Personize, our endeavor is to make every message feel as if it’s been thoughtfully penned down for its recipient. By integrating data from diverse platforms, it curates content that speaks directly to each lead.

A New Perspective on Account-Based Selling

A cornerstone of ABM's success lies in understanding targeted accounts in-depth. While human teams can pore over data, the scale required for ABM, especially for thousands of high-value accounts, is staggering.

Generative AI can scan vast data landscapes, from web content to social media footprints, and synthesize insights. It reasons across data points, ensuring your ABM strategy is informed by a spectrum of insights that a human team might overlook or find time-consuming to piece together. In this blog post, I shared our perspective on this:

Bridging the Experience Gap

Every team has its blend of new hires and seasoned pros. Personize is our way of ensuring that new team members can now operate with the confidence and prowess of seasoned salespeople. By modeling on the research and writing skills of your ace sellers, Personize is a new way to ensure that every SDR, irrespective of their tenure, sends out top-notch sequences.

Enabling SDRs to leverage each lead's unique data points

Leads will tell us who they are, what they want when they click on our ads, download a whitepaper, watch a video, attend a webinar, etc. Personize can read these data points at scale and transform them into personalized messages and summaries for SDRs to utilize within Outreach.

Expanding Outreach Possibilities

More touchpoints can lead to richer engagement, but authenticity is key. Personize strives to amplify the essence of every interaction, ensuring each touch, be it an email or a LinkedIn message, leaves an impression.

Embarking on a Personize Trial: An Invitation

If you're curious about how Outreach and Personize might harmonize, we invite you to the pilot phase. This isn’t about showcasing a new gadget but an invitation to explore and possibly embrace a nuanced approach to sales outreach.

To our peers at, who are always on the lookout for the next meaningful step in sales engagement: We present Personize not as the definitive answer but as a chapter in an ongoing story. As we head to Seattle and Unleash, we look forward to conversations, feedback, and the shared dream of an evolved, AI-aided outreach landscape.


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