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Generate and send thousands of razor-sharp, human-like emails and messages in a flash.

Personize helps you win more customers and leads by mass-producing emails, automated follow-ups, and messages that feel like a one-on-one conversation.

Get Started In Less Than 5 Minutes • Start Free

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This video shows how Personize Studio enables you to read LinkedIn data and craft 5,000 personalized emails in less than 2 minutes!

Your Competitors Are Using Templates and Generic Emails. You’re Not. 
Guess Who Wins?

Step 1: Upload Your Data or Sync via Integration

Bring customer data from ZoomInfo, Clearbit, Apollo, Bombora, and similar tools and also from your internal CRM, CDP, Paid Ads, Webinars, etc.

STEP 2: Build and Run Your Gen AI Models

With a few clicks, you can run your models on millions of contacts.

STEP 3: Review Results, and Download or Sync

Review the results in small batches in Personize and optimize as needed.

In the battle for attention, Personize helps you win it every time.

✅ Forget generic and spam emails
✅ End missing out on opportunities
✅ Save 100s of hours every month

What is Personize Studio?

Build and run unlimited Gen AI models in sequence, automating human tasks and processes.

Feature 1

Grab-and-Go AI Models

No more writing for hours. Use our huge library of pre-built AI models to keep the conversation fresh and relevant from the first hello to the next follow-up. Just pick, click, and you're good to go.

Feature 2

Build Your Own Gen AI Solutions, With Zero Coding

We mean it. We combine power with simplicity, allowing you to create your bespoke AI models that suit your needs and hit the mark with your audience—all within just a few minutes.

Feature 3

Scale to Millions of Rows, Maintain Quality

Scale up, stress down. Whether you're reaching ten people or ten thousand, PersonizeAI helps you create month’s long campaigns, in minutes to engage and close those deals.

Feature 4

Combine Multiple Models

Blend multiple AI models for richer, deeper communication at every stage of the funnel. 


Feature 5

Boost ROI on Wealth of Data You Have

Personize works hand-in-hand with tools you already use, like HubSpot and Salesforce. Sync up and personalize to make every email feel like a special one-on-one interaction.

Growth becomes easy with these
Generative AI turnkey solutions

Personize helps you win more customers and leads by mass-producing emails, automated follow-ups, and messages that feel like a one-on-one conversation.

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You’re Fully Protected By Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Generate personalized emails from leads' Companywebsites & LinkedIn Data

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Your leads are drowning in generic emails. Stand out. How? By leveraging our AI that dives into the essence of your leads' company websites, picking up cues and interests like a pro detective. The result? Emails and messages so personal, they'll think you wrote them while thinking about their business goals over coffee. Busy? Aren't we all? Upload your data, have a quick chat with us, and you're done. Our AI takes the wheel, crafting and sending custom emails on autopilot. Your time? Freed up. From now, every email sent is an opportunity seized. It's not just about opens; it's about sparking action. Sales teams, marketers, if you're ready to see your numbers soar and your team's workload drop, Personize Studio is your launchpad. Don't let your emails be the ones that get ignored. Be the reason your leads look forward to opening their inbox.

So, what does Personize in action feel like?

User Stories

Convert Webinar Leads to Sales Qualified Opportunities

Reduce cost per lead by engaging each Inbound MQLs based on each lead's unique data points!

Mass-produce personalized emails and messages to target lists from ZoomInfo, Clearbit, Bombora, etc. 

Win back e-commerce past customers with personalized emails based on their past purchases.

Convert Trials to Paid by using each user's unique data inside the SaaS product.

This is your chance to transform your conversion rates from mundane to magnificent with 
Make Every Email Count.

Read enough? Create and send your first batch of emails - It’s totally free!

Send emails, and messages that convert best while spending 10x less time on keyboard.

Never Miss A Lead Again

With PersonizeAI, every potential customer is reached. Timely responses mean you'll capture opportunities, ensuring no inbound lead is left unattended.

Close Deals, Automatically

 Activate automatic, intelligent follow-ups with precision timing, keeping your prospects engaged and moving through the funnel, so no lead slips through the cracks.

Light Speed Execution

Maximize efficiency with reusable runs. Test, refine, and scale your strategies in clicks, ensuring consistent quality and impactful communication as you grow.

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